Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Welcome to Heart and Sole Reflexology

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that encourages the body to relax and work naturally to restore its own balance.  It has been practiced for hundreds of years and is based on the belief that all parts of the body are reflected in the feet and hands and by applying gentle pressure to these areas, it is believed to have an effect on the corresponding part of the body and can help restore balance.

These days, almost everyone has heard of or tried Reflexology, but when I became Reflexologist back in 2001, it wasn't quite so popular and most people thought I was crazy.

Why on earth would I want to touch other people's feet? 

Well....because it worked for me. I discovered a whole new world of health, healing and wellness after a car accident in 1997. I was in constant pain from head-to-toe and suffered with intense panic attacks and severe depression. Traditional doctors could not help me. All they did was prescribe medication and tell me I would just need to learn to live with it.  That was unacceptable to me and I began researching and trying anything and everything in an effort to heal. Reflexology was one of the treatments I tried. I was skeptical at first, but after a few sessions, I actually began to feel better.

Reflexology is a pleasurable experience, but it is NOT a foot massage. It's NOT a MIRACLE treatment. It won't cure illness or disease. Reflexology CAN help bring about a state of relaxation and balance to your body, mind and spirit. Relaxation and balance are essential for true health and healing. Once I experienced this for myself, I wanted to share it with everyone. The best way to share it was to do it!

I dedicated six months to learning, studying and practicing my technique at Oasis Health Center for Healing, Education and Personal Growth and successfully passed written and practical NYS standardized testing to earn my certification as a Reflexologist.

Reflexology isn't my only area of expertise. I also have years of training and experience in  Intuitive Massage, The Mind-Body Connection, The Alexander Technique, and Relaxation Methods for Stress and Pain Management. I graduated from The Institute for Integrated Nutrition and Clayton College of Natural Health where I studied Holistic Health and Nutrition. I am a certified Holistic Health Consultant and a board certified member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I am also a Nursing Assistant and earned my NYS license/certification after graduating from Long Island Institute of Technology. 

Why should you choose Heart and Sole Reflexology? 

I combine all my knowledge, experience and training so I can assist in healing the whole person - body, mind and spirit! You will feel completely at ease in a private, peaceful atmosphere with a gentle and dedicated professional who genuinely cares about you and your health. Your wellness. Your goals and concerns. This isn't a quickie, assembly line reflexology shop. This is your sacred time and space and I set the tone and atmosphere to enhance your healing and restoration. Candles. Soothing Music. A warm and wonderful foot soak and guided relaxation before every treatment to help you unwind and forget about the world outside. You will feel totally relaxed here and you will leave feeling revived. And you will want to come back. This is what makes Heart and Sole Reflexology a wonderful healing and quite possibly, life changing experience.

Advance appointments only. Please call or email to schedule.